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January 13, 2016 Comments (0) Home, Teardrop

Side Door Construction

When I was planning my camper I knew that I wanted doors on both sides. I did not want to have to climb over to get out. Pre-made camper doors for teardrops are expensive, At least $200 each and they would have required design changes on my sidewalls to fit. I planned on building them from the beginning and was a little worried about how they would turn out. I bought windows from amazon that are for sheds or playhouses. They were the right size and they slide open so I decided to give them a shot.

I took the cutouts and traced the opening for the windows then cut with a jig saw. To accommodate the added width of the T molding, I cut a bit of the back and bottom edge of the door off with the table saw. That will give enough gap for the door to still close after the molding is on.


I ripped some 2x4s down to the width that would encase the window frame on the inside.


I used wood filler to smooth up the joints and sanded with help from Slade.


A few weeks later I had my metal and was able to finish up work on the doors. I am using roofing metal that is unrolled and left flat. For the trim around the door I ordered T molding from and 36″ piano hinges.


I laid the metal down on a tarp to avoid scratching the finished side. I traced the edges and the window cutout with sharpie. To make the cuts I bought an electric metal shear from Harbor Freight. It works great!


After the main shape is cut I flipped back over and drilled a couple holes to allow the shears to cut the window opening.


Next I applied sealant to the window flange and set it in the opening. I then pumped some silicone into each screw hole. I used self drilling hex screws to attach the window.


I used aviation snips to trim up the metal along the edges before bending and cutting the T molding.


I applied a bead of silicone to the trim and used some self drilling pan head screws to attach it to the door.

The doors are ready to attach with piano hinges after the side metal is on the camper. After that I will fit the door latch and handle.



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