Side Door Construction

Mostly Finished!

January 13, 2016 Comments (0) Home, Teardrop

Paint, Flooring and Hatch

Through December I was able to work on the camper here and there. I painted the inside walls and stained the ceiling. I also bought some leftover vinyl from a local flooring store for the inside and galley. I used quarter round trim that was reclaimed from the scrap pile.



I also covered the inside and outside of the hatch with plywood and stained the inside. I ran wiring inside the hatch for a LED light. For the supports I used wood dowels on each side. They are simple sturdy support.


A couple weeks later I had metal and decided to cover the hatch. This was a two day project by myself. I cut the metal with my electric shears and attached it with self drilling hex screws with rubber washers. For the edges that extend over the camper sidewall, I used metal bar to reinforce the back side of the ply. I had to drill through the metal, plywood and metal bar then attach the edge trim with bolts. This was a very time consuming process and I did not take many pictures of the process. I tend to get involved with the work and neglect documenting the process.


I am happy with the final result. The black metal looks great!

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