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November 4, 2015 Comments (0) Home, Teardrop

October Progress

Work has continued through October at a slow but steady pace. I am down to the point where the small details are being checked off the list. I finished up the wiring for the interior light and reading lights. I found a 12 volt plug with built in USB charger at walmart and added it in the front wall.



After wiring was complete I insulated the wall and used pallet wood for the interior front wall.


Being perfect camping weather, the family took a trip for the weekend to Vogle State Park. We slept in a tent and there was plenty of rain. This made me anxious to get the teardrop finished in time to use on the next trip! When we returned, the reading lights that I ordered from ebay had arrived. I was excited to see how they looked.



They are 20 watt halogens. I wanted to go with the halogen because of the warm light they give. The LED light is good and bright but lacks the warm cozy glow that we wanted. These are perfect!


Next was the rear hatch. I have been thinking about this step since the start and could wait no longer. Using ply I traced the curve of the galley area and cut 6 pieces. This was a very time consuming task. I used the jig saw and tried to make everything as consistent as possible. Some sanding will be needed but over all everything worked well.



I ripped down some 2x4s and attached them between the two sections. I tried to space them fairly closely to where the bend on the ply will be most dramatic.


Testing the fit, everything looks pretty nice. Some adjustment and sanding will even everything out.


With the help of Adam, my camping partner, we started attaching the outside plywood. This is 1/8 in birch. We started at the front and bent gently over the top. I used some liquid nail adhesive for extra hold and plenty of screws to distribute the pressure evenly. There was a minor crack at one point but no major breaks.


Next on the list is to cover the other side and the rear galley hatch. I have painted the trailer black and the windows in the mean time. I also modified a computer power supply that I will use for shore power. The 12 volt output will power lights when there is 110 AC available. After the outside ply is on the next major task will be cutting out holes for the door windows and then buying the rest of the supplies needed which will include sheet metal, hinges, latches, screws, trim and molding. I also have to find some vinyl for the floor inside. After that is down I can trim it out and paint the walls. I plan on using a stain on the ceiling to give the birch some color. Stay tuned!

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