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January 28, 2016 Comments (0) Home, Teardrop

Mostly Finished!

With a camping trip planned for the end of January, the pressure was on to finish the camper in time. I spent evenings after work for 2 weeks finishing the metal on the outside, attaching the aluminum trim, installing the front window, installing the galley hinge and hatch light, mounting trailer lights… the list grew every day. There are so many little details that needed to be finished! I think back to the beginning and every single step that had to be completed to get to this point and it is crazy how big a project this turned out to be. That being said, it has turned out even better than I could have hoped for. This thing looks like a real camper! Haha.


With help from dad I was able to get the sides on one evening and get the metal for the roof cut to length.


The next night my brother helped attach the roof metal and trim.


During days when I was working alone I did smaller tasks like hooking up the hatch light and mounting the brake lights. The majority of this project has been done by myself and it feels like quite an accomplishment if I say so myself!


I did the plastic hinge by myself. This step would have been a lot easier with help but I managed. One night I was able to attach it to the camper then the next night I screwed it to the hatch. I used aluminum bar on top of each side like most other do to help keep the plastic from bulging. I spaced the screws roughly 4 inches.


My wife and I did some shopping for galley supplies and worked on sprucing up the cabin decor.


We hung some pictures and Jana made curtains and a pillow.



I had planned on taking it on a short test over night but that plan was changed due to snow rolling in on the night we were to leave.


The evening before the snow fell I was able to hook it up for a test to see how she towed. This was the first time it would be on the road and I was anxious to see how smoothly it towed. It did well, no bounce or wobble at 60 mph.


And it looks awesome behind the pathfinder! Next post will be some pics and video of the first camping trip. We leave tomorrow for 2 nights. Cades Cove bound!


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