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October Progress

September 24, 2015 Comments (0) Teardrop

Interior Roof

We took a family trip to Home Depot to get the plywood for the interior roof. I went with 2 1/8in sheets of 4×8 sanded ply. I had it cut down the middle at the store to save me time at home. The interior curve on the front of the camper was too sharp to bend one continuous piece. I ended up having to cut the panel just before the bend and then do 4 individual pieces along the curve. You can see some of the wiring that I ran for the interior light below.






Adding the inside ceiling really makes it feel like a camper! The bend at the back looks nice, I secured everything with the finish nail gun. Screws were used near the back where the curve began and nails would not hold. This will be primed and painted later.


After having the inside panels on, I went ahead and cut some insulation for the roof and front wall. For the front wall I decided to use pallet wood. I painted the white side of the insulation black so no lettering or white would show through the small gaps between the pallet boards.



Next I plan on breaking some pallets down and nailing on the front wall. Before I can do that I will need to add some more wiring and mound and install a 12v plug and USB charger. Ill be able to close it up after that.

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