Frame Work

Walls, Floor and More!

August 19, 2015 Comments (0) Teardrop

Floor Frame

Monday night I cut runners for the floor frame and started assembling the pieces. The total width of the floor will be 68 inches. Had to increase the width from my original design to give more space for the tires. I used 3 inch deckmate screws to attach everything. On the front and back runners I had to drill a countersink so the top bolts on the trailer frame would not hold the runner off the frame.



With the frame now together, I am ready to buy the plywood for the floor and side walls. The next major decision to make will be how to waterproof the underside of the floor. I still can’t settle on the any of the options I have considered. Today I will research methods a bit more and prepare for the weekend build. On another note, my windows have shipped and should be here soon! I have also ordered an interior LED light that should ship soon.

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