October Progress

Alum Cave Trail, Mt. LeConte

November 13, 2015 Comments (0) Home, Teardrop

Exterior Ply

Over the weekend I decided to try and finish the majority of the outside plywood. I cut the top piece to length and used glue and screws to attach it on the front wall. My clamps came in handy holding the ply until I could get a few screws in.


I didn’t have any help today so I decided to try using ratchet straps like I’ve seen other people use.


This worked really well. I was able to bend the board slowly with even pressure. That kept the board from breaking or splitting.



We did a little camp art work on this piece before attaching it. This will be covered by metal.



Shot from above, the curve looks awesome, it really looks like a benroy at this point.


Next step will be covering the back galley hatch and then moving on to the metal, trim, doors and windows. I expect all of these little items will slow me down but I hope to get all the materials together so I can make a big push one day and get a lot done. I am very happy with the way it is coming along, it is looking better and better with day of work.

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