Front Window

Filling, Sanding, Priming

September 24, 2015 Comments (0) Teardrop

Back Wall Construction

After a couple of weeks I have gotten some time to work on the back wall. On this Saturday my wife and daughter were at a beauty pageant. Slade and myself were home alone and he was occupying himself really well so I was able to get a lot done! Earlier in the week I mocked up some ideas with some scrap wood to see where I wanted the back wall position. I knew that it had to be 80 inches from the front wall in order for a queen mattress to fit. After knowing that, I had to figure out the height of the over hang. I left enough space for an 8 inch thick mattress and another foot of clearance for our feet.




The board that extends from the back wall to the door opening will be a ledge for a removable bunk bed for Slade. It will be 2 feet wide and run across the width of the camper.



Finished view of the back wall and view from the galley area below.


The galley has just over a foot of space on the floor and a nice shelf higher up that will be counter top.

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